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Tanya and Bojana add their favourite love songs to the

FRESH INK May I have this dance list


From Mary MacLane’s opening night…

Our amazing producers, Viv Rosman and Joanna Fishman

I grew up in Butte Montana

Spray Tans and Powerful Fuckwits

One of us (you will never guess who) just got a spray tan. In winter.

Both of us (yes BOTH) have been dealing with a certain class of person: institutionally empowered with a grotesque inferiority complex. Consequently, among this class of person there is much wielding of said insitutional power, in a vain attempt to assert some form of (non-existent) self-confidence with which to excise said inferiority complex.

Both of us (yes BOTH) are happy to report our self-esteem entirely intact.


Old Fundraiser Photos

Ok. We have to get this Blog going. So here are photos I found from our first fundraiser in 2005, taken by Sydney turned Melbournian artist Jake Walker.

Junk’n'Love’n'Trash was an evening where our impoverished friends donated shit they would otherwise have thrown out and we auctioned it off, filling our kitty of funds for the first production of Debris.


in melbourne

we were at the malthouse for the week. developing and then showing The Story of Mary MacLane by Herself to the world. the world seemed as fascinated about Mary as she was about herself.